Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aarons Debut

What sort of a big sis would I be if I let my Little brother debut in the ring, looking any less then then a pro, ok even if it is just amateur (is that how its spelt?).

Hes been training on and off for years but only now that hes had lazer surgery on his eyes and can actually see across the ring is he finally getting the chance to fight, he fights this weekend at the Central Coast.

It was a great opportunity for me to master my embroidery machine, which untill now I hadn't really touched .. shame on me... so this is what he will be wearing, Looks very proffesional if I do say so myself, and he is stoked, however I beleive there is now another 5-6 guys that he trains with hoping to get a custom made pair each...

please excuse the fact they arent pressed, actually they are half wet there, from where i had to dunk them to get the blue lines off used to line up the embroidery

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tropical Cyclone F.Ugly

aptly named By Dh and DBro.... hmmmm
Well its done... the patchwork centre of it atlest.. I am off to spotlight to look at border colours this arvo.. I am thinking a nice deep coral colour....
anyhow this is it... very FULL ON and maybe not my thing and i wouldnt do another but I had to give it a go.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holiday Knits..

Well while I was MIA and on holidays I got Lots of knitting done, all Lizzy stuff.. so my Lizzy from noro...well it got a change of plans, i finished it up at 12 blocks, its sewn together and I am edging it atm... will post with pics onces thats done (getting excited). Once done it will go away and be added to Brynachs parcel for his birthday in october... pics on that should be tomorrow maybe...
Meanwhile i am planing on ordering up and laybying 30 balls of noro ready for another blanket once the Vintage one is done,
So.. the vintage lizzy.. I am 2.5 strips down... here are the 2 that are sewn together so far

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Frog a Friend

Well I got FAFed on woolaholics here by the lovely jemsmum...

so frog or orginise?

well i have nothing to frog.. serious... only have on thing on the needles... My vontage Lizzy... so I gathered and packed my stash.. its only a small stash and was spread through out the house.. so i gathered and rolled.... here it is..

excuse my unvacuumed carpet :S

and all packed into a tub..


Yes. I have been MIA for week.. party laziness but mostly i have been on holidays, but I really want to be better, I want to try post daily..... lets see how i go