Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Threaded Gems"

Friday was mum's 50th birthday (Happy birthday mum!) and so being that all birthdays with a zero are pretty cool I thought it was quilt time. (this is the quilt mentioned in my previous post).
The last quilt I made mum was for her 40th if I remember correctly. That quilt was made as a bed topper and so while well loved does not get the "drag around" use I like to see my quilts get. This quilt is made as a lappy quilt. I like my quilts to be used continually, under them in winter and on top of them in summer. If this quilt is but a scruffy rag by the time mum's next zero birthday comes around I will be more then happy. Quilts should be used and loved and if some trashing happens in the process, such is life.

The name for the quilt came to me while I was quilting it. The very simple rows of stitching through the coloured squares looked (to me at least) like a string of beads.

This quilt was ubber fast to make. I think I have forgotten just how fast a quilt can go together when it is a simple strip peiced design and simple quilting. It also helps that this one is a smaller size, my quilts tend to grow and end up massive. As I mentioned before, mum's birthday was on friday, and on the Monday prior, I had not started, but that evening when kidlets were in bed I put rotary cutter and ruler to fabric and it was done by friday evening :D I am happy with it.
Vital Stats.
-"Threaded Gems"
Finished Size
-156 X 180 cms
Pattern Name
-"Sunshine and Shadow" - I think!
Top Fabrics
-all 100% cotton
-13 X 20cm prints
-2m cream
-100% wool
-Upcycled wool felt blanket
-This blanket actually used to belong to my mums
grandmother (my great gandmother) - very fitting re use.
-100% cotton sheeting
-Remainder of backing
-Line quilted by machine