Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the Wooly Gods I Trust

Why?? Becuase of this parcel!! From the lovely Katanya.

We are pretty spoilt as woolies in Australia, so it really does take a fair bit to make us wet ourselves in excitement, but i tell you what,, a parcel like this will do it every time. Katanyas Dying is second to none..

What can I say, I am in heaven, Only a knitter would understand....

so what have I got there..

Top ball - 100gms DK BFL in "Gaudi"

Second ball down - 100gm 4Bf sock wool in "bohemian magic"

middle Row - 2 X 100gm 8ply 4BF in "poison Grape"

first and first and second balls of last 2 rows - 3 X 113gms Targhee in "chocolate pacific"

last 2 in the second bottom row - 2 X 113gm Targhee in "pacific Ocean"

finally, last 2 in bottom row - 2 X 100gm 8ply 4BF in "bohemian magic"

Hows that for a hawl :D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

undesignated dashing

ok so this is not the best shot of it. It really is alot brighter than this, but i have no idea what to do with it. It is 200gms of hand dyed dashing that i am itching to knit... but as yet I am completely uninspired, any suggestions welcome

Baby Boy

meet "baby Boy" he came to us yesterday and was quickly named by Bryn, given a few cuddles and put to bed. He is a Waldorf doll hand made by OakWay, he has the oldschool ford V8 logo on his chest is hes just addorable.

Bryn is a little concerned that baby boy has a tattoo, my 2yo knows all about tattoos?? yes.. he learnt off Nan and Poppy.. hmmm

so here is baby boy, very much loved here

Socks and Jacket; progress report

well at the moment I am stoked. My knitting mojo is in full swing and i am taking every advantage of it..

firstly the socks;

after auditioning about 5-6 different stitches for them, i finally decided on a simple afgan type stitch, which i really think shows off the colourway well. I am not sure at this stage if i should do 20 or 25 repeats of the pattern, (what you see is 18) and will finish it off with a few rows of garter stitch.. Now the VERY sad news about these socks.. they dont fit me!

I have a tiny size 6 1/2 - 7 foot, and while they dont hang, they dont have that nice snug fit either yk.. l will list them on Buy For Baby to austion off when they are done... so this still only leaves me with one pair for myself still. but thats ok i am hoping that i can find an extra spesh pattern to do for myself soon :)

The Jacket;

I am really suprised at how quickly this is knitting up. It is this pattern here, at the bottom, in the brown

I am planning on putting sleeves on this one though, wool quantity permitting, I am a little concerned though that the ribon mine is pulling in alot more than it seems to in the example one, i have even done my rib on the same size needles as the body of the knitting but it still is alot tighter than theirs, and i am a loose knitter.. oh well i will just see how it goes,

I am loveing the colourway more and more everytime i look at it, and cant wait to get the zip sewn in and start the sleeves. maybe having sleeves will help pull the rib ou a bit... oh well all trial and error

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finished Jumper

I have finally finished Bryns jumper, this is the first non MCN realated knitting i have done for him. It has actaully sat finished all bar the buttons and running the threads in for months, but its now done and he wore it to dads party last night, and lookeed extra cute to boot :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

project updates

Here are some more recent images of my two currently active projects, the sock, I am really happy with how this colourway is knitting up but i am still not real sure what stitch i want to do for the ankle... it will come though..

the jacket.. I am loving this, so it is knitting up really quikly, funny how that happens, will have more on this soon

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Jacket for Bryn

This is what i am knitting up atm...

I got some wool in a swap, it was aqua and shades of grey, though there was only 200gm and I wanted to make bryn a jacket. So I dyed another 100gms with med to dark grey / black, and am swapping balls to get what you see there.. I think it looks really good. I will show some more pics of it once i get further along.

current sock in progress

Heres what i am working on now.

the wool is black, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue, purple.

i have begun knitting it toe up, i havent totally decided on a stitch for the ankle yet, but thinking something simple that will not detract from the colours, possibly an afgan stitch..

my first socks

These are the first pair of socks i have actually knittted for myself, they are just something quick, but I am quite happy with them. I am still to actually wear them cos i have been too slack to run the threads in... :S

a fresh start

So here I am making a fresh start, new blog! It really is an echo of my attempt to freshen my life quite alot, I am in a real "organise my life" mode atm. mostly i am astarting with a huge clean and organise of my house.. I did start easy, all i have done so far is my laundry, but boy it felt good. I am hoping to get my rumpus room sorted next, but it is going to require a little more work.. and I need to go shopping for some big plastic tubs for the cupboards first.

Also i have finally decided to sell my much to small car, and get something little bigger.

So all in all i am feeling very motivated within my life atm..

I still have some fine tunning with this blog too,, but all in good time..

I best get some pics happening of projects on the go atm.