Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hmmm whats she up to now?

hmmm.. yes just what a person needs at the assessment end of the uni term... a distraction.....
This is just a first rough draft idea for my next project, which will enable an potential new hobby.

Who knows what it is?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Woolly update

So how is my Harry Potter blanket coming along?6!!!! squares are done. I am quite happy with how they are coming along... still contemplating how to border these... In black for sure, but not quite sure on the logistics :D

and I am about 40% into suare number 7
Hoping to get to 60% soon!

and I am having a go with some crochet...

I actually have 6 squares done now. It looks good IMO. Will give better photos soon. I think I have enough yarn (Cleckheaton, Vintage Hues) to do 12 squares, but hope to track down more to make it a little bigger then that. I might have to scour Rav for someone selling some, I don't think it is in production any more...

in other news, I am hoping to have a new obsession soon.... pictures to come