Friday, November 12, 2010

OHHH yeah!!!

I have not knit a stitch in months... untill last night... ohh those needles felt good in my hand and I forgot how much my heart sings when I see that project grow...

So Last night I picked up Ginny. She has been left in a incomplete state for some time, during which Uni has ruled all my non family time... I need to make room for my textiles too... for my mental health you know!
so here is Ginny. JUST shy of 50%

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

here comes another commitment

In 2002 I trained in acrylic nail application. I worked in a salon and then from home, but eventually with a little one under foot it became too much and I finished up. I don't think I have done a set of nails in, ohhhhhh, 3 or 4 years! until my brother's girlfriend insisted I do a set for her. Boy'o'boy I forgot just how much I enjoyed it. So with some prompting from those around me, and with quite a bit of interest from people about becoming a client, I am starting up again.

Sooo.... here goes again, from next week I will be working from home as a Nail Tech. I am quite excited about it. I really enjoy doing it. Times will be flexible and heaven knows the money won't go astray....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Threaded Gems"

Friday was mum's 50th birthday (Happy birthday mum!) and so being that all birthdays with a zero are pretty cool I thought it was quilt time. (this is the quilt mentioned in my previous post).
The last quilt I made mum was for her 40th if I remember correctly. That quilt was made as a bed topper and so while well loved does not get the "drag around" use I like to see my quilts get. This quilt is made as a lappy quilt. I like my quilts to be used continually, under them in winter and on top of them in summer. If this quilt is but a scruffy rag by the time mum's next zero birthday comes around I will be more then happy. Quilts should be used and loved and if some trashing happens in the process, such is life.

The name for the quilt came to me while I was quilting it. The very simple rows of stitching through the coloured squares looked (to me at least) like a string of beads.

This quilt was ubber fast to make. I think I have forgotten just how fast a quilt can go together when it is a simple strip peiced design and simple quilting. It also helps that this one is a smaller size, my quilts tend to grow and end up massive. As I mentioned before, mum's birthday was on friday, and on the Monday prior, I had not started, but that evening when kidlets were in bed I put rotary cutter and ruler to fabric and it was done by friday evening :D I am happy with it.
Vital Stats.
-"Threaded Gems"
Finished Size
-156 X 180 cms
Pattern Name
-"Sunshine and Shadow" - I think!
Top Fabrics
-all 100% cotton
-13 X 20cm prints
-2m cream
-100% wool
-Upcycled wool felt blanket
-This blanket actually used to belong to my mums
grandmother (my great gandmother) - very fitting re use.
-100% cotton sheeting
-Remainder of backing
-Line quilted by machine

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Perfect Points.

Perfect points really are the (dare I say it?) single most important element in a 'good' quilt.

I was working on a quilt today. Now this quilt is by no means my normal 'style'. It is very reminiscent of the 1930's quilting era. In fact the design is very similar to the "Shadow and Sunshine" design that was so loved in the '30's. The colours are not really my 'thing' either, they are not '30's repros but they do have that '30's feel to them. They are small prints, floral an the like... very '30's. So while I worked on this quilt who's design and fabric palette was not appealing to me... it made me smile. why? because perfect points give me inner peace!

Thinking about why I was so happy every time I opened out another freshly sewn seam, it was obvious. A quilt isn't made wonderful by using hideously expensive designer fabric, a beautiful piece of fabric is one that makes your heart sing and when you know it just has to come home and live with you. It doesn't matter who's name is on the selvage, we cut that bit off! A quilt isn't made wonderful by the expensive pattern, or by the intricate pattern. It wont matter if your quilt has thousands of minuscule pieces, not if they don't have perfect points! the simplest designs when pieced with perfection will outshine an uber expensive, million piece quilt if it is poorly pieced.

So this is why I smile when I open seams on this quilt. Not because of the expensive fabrics, because they aren't. They are run-of-the-mill, Spotlight quilt section cottons, but the person receiving this quilt will love them. I don't smile because I am working on a piece that is a triumph of patience... but because the simple, humble quilt I am making, I am making well.

Now I don't claim to be a master quilter.... not by a long shot.... But I am very particular about precision in quilting because this can make or break them. Some may call me OCD about this, and they are probably right, I don't care.. When I say perfect, I like perfect. I accept that there will be the odd seam that may be a few threads of the fabric out. I will allow these to exist, but with hesitance and annoyance. anything beyond that, and I am talking about a full stitch of your machine, so say 2mms out, and it is time to find the seam ripper. So, over 6 square metres in a queen size quilt, and I am going to stress about 2mms... YES. Yes I am. It all contributes to the final effect, and that 2mms here.. there... it adds up. It adds up to a sloppy and haphazard looking quilt, certainly not what your hours of work aims to achieve.

In short if you are going to do it people, do it well. It will make you smile. It will be your inner peace, and then you will realise that perfect points are chicken soup for the quilters soul.

ahhh nice....

Hmmm... not so nice..... Seam ripper, Stat!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fancy dress.

This Saturday just gone we had a fancy dress party to attend. Brynach asked to go as the joker, which, at first, seemed way too much work and tried to talk him out of it, but alas, he was determined... The Joker it had to be!

So with some thought, I set to work. I had some green fabric and whipped out a litte (rough!) tie. I had some purple fabric, so a little pair of elastic waisted pants, pressed down the centre to give the look suit pants and a simple collared shirt, made with long sleeves but no cuff and lengthened at the back and cut to shape to make a set of tails, split and all....

Add to that a white shirt from the cupboard, some green hair spray and face paint, oh and a $5 silly string gun and Taa daa!

I think he really looked the part and somehow took on the evil persona quite well after some part food consumption..

Friday, September 17, 2010


I have been creating..... .....Just not blogging... must begin my catch up mission

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hmmm whats she up to now?

hmmm.. yes just what a person needs at the assessment end of the uni term... a distraction.....
This is just a first rough draft idea for my next project, which will enable an potential new hobby.

Who knows what it is?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Woolly update

So how is my Harry Potter blanket coming along?6!!!! squares are done. I am quite happy with how they are coming along... still contemplating how to border these... In black for sure, but not quite sure on the logistics :D

and I am about 40% into suare number 7
Hoping to get to 60% soon!

and I am having a go with some crochet...

I actually have 6 squares done now. It looks good IMO. Will give better photos soon. I think I have enough yarn (Cleckheaton, Vintage Hues) to do 12 squares, but hope to track down more to make it a little bigger then that. I might have to scour Rav for someone selling some, I don't think it is in production any more...

in other news, I am hoping to have a new obsession soon.... pictures to come

Monday, May 17, 2010

hmmm..... who has a sweet tooth?

Firstly, please excuse my dodgy iPhone photo.... it is really not doing these little bundles of yumminess justice....

What you are looking at there is my Tiramisu and Cherry Delight fudge....

Just thought I would share :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


... counting sheep really is the only way....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Dubbo Show 2010

This weekend was show weekend. As a child show weekend came second only to Christmas. Naturally I have been quite excited myself about enjoying this event through the eyes of a child. We didn't stay long, only 3 hours and $100..
This year was a bit of a family event, my parents came with us and so did my brother and his girlfriend, who made excellent ride chaperons, for my thrill seeking boy.
I will let the pictures tell the story...

Monday, February 15, 2010

They say you can't make omelettes...

Without braking some Eggs...

Well here is my broken egg of a hallway...

The floor sander man, a family friend, comes on friday to polish the floors, which Despite their appearance here, are actually in fantastic condition and should come up great!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

its been ages..

I am a bad blogger, ok, post a day till I am caught up... this is todays...