Friday, October 30, 2009

This is a public announcement...

.... That I currently have no knitting project on the needles so this is the time to finish my Vivian... so..

" I solemnly swear that (who are the nerds who finished this sentence with "I am up to no good"?) that I will not knit a single stitch on any project besides my Vivian until it is complete and finished to the point of wearing"

this is a big call for me... I will dig vivi out tonight... and share where I am up to... I cant actually remember....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

40 blocks..

... all done and dusted...

I made 40 cos thats how many diferent prints came in the charm pack and jelly roll...

the quilt will only need 20 something...

here is a random 16

I will put black sashing between each block with coloured corner stones... the border is still under mental creation....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hooray for Harry..

My test harry square is complete.....

I am relatively happy with it and enjoyed it enough to do a complete blanket...

I leanrt alot of things doing this... and glad I took the time to do a test square to make some mistakes on..

Needles - 4.5mm

Yarn - assortment to get correct shadings

Yardage - not sure .. about 150-180gms

finished size - 38cm square

I am not sure what I will do with this.. It wont make the cut for the blanket and I am not into cushions or framing it...

A fun knit all the same, anyone who hasnt tried colour work...WHY? its actually quite easy and fun

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Creative Space..

I have been meaning to do this for a while... so here goes a tour of my creative space... Note, Its not pretty, or spacious, but i love it all the same. It looks cramped and as though there is way too much stuff in there.... thats correct :D

If you take a quick little walk along the garden path, past the herb garden, this side of the the fish pond, you come across a little door at the back of the shed..... look inside..

and you have my sewing room. so working my way aound clcokwise...
The heating and cooling lol, obviously and not very exciting,
the 3 tubs are all my wool..
and my "for me" sewing area.

I keep a seperate area for sewing for myself and for money. I find that important.
The shelves are stacked with my quilt books, embroidery cottons and projects on the go or in waiting
I keep my domestic Overlocker, sewing machine and embroidery machine here.
the Drawers stock all my notions
the tub you see there is my quilts on the go.. (4 of them eeek.. me bad) and the blankets for them next to it..

My storage cupboard, this is actually the old pantry that we took out when we renovated the kitchen

Inside is (line per shelf)
Stationary and machines, inc my knitting machine
fabric, cottons, some small random craft items
nappy fabrics and my airbrush setup
Quilt fabric
Other random fabrics and patterns
Acrylic nail stuff and old text books

This is my 'for money' sewing area. what you see is my Rimoldi overlocker and sadly atm I am forced to use my domestic sewing machine on this same table till I collect my industrial sewer

This is my snapping table and cutting area,
underneithis my scrapbooking stuff...
the black cabnet hold snaps and other stuff
the crap you see in the corner is, well, crap, DHs that I am waiting on him clean it all out, thats where my sewing machine needs to go :D

so thats it... my humble little sewing room, studio, whatever you wanna call it...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Outfit

Here is the final birthday outfit.....
I am suprised... he chose the planes...

Nanna made the shirt.. she can whip them up in minutes.. I will get my but in gear one day and get the pattern off her so I can make my own... I did make the shorts though ..



Friday, October 23, 2009

A task for tonight

Picking fabric for little boy outfits is tricky. 2 outfits, twice as tricky, but with some luck after I have made the 2 party outfits tonight, Bryn will be able to pick 1 to wear to his party tomorrow, I am putting my bets on the 'pirate' one... but we will see

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Boy!!!!

The big 0 4 today for my georgous boy Bryn...

There has been alot of impatience surrounding today for a certain 3 year old who has been ready to be four for months..

we have had a quiet day, pressies this morning and lunch at the Pastoral, following that was the spectacular crash and burn you see here. I am sure the warm weather helped too though.

The Big Par-tay is on Saturday - will bring you some AWAKE pictures from there....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Harry Potter Blanket Squares

These charts were made by myself using PMstitch creator 2.0,

The inspiration for this project came from Totallee's amazing works.
Click on each chart to enlarge, print, or save it etc.

I personally do not plan to make all these blocks myself. However I thought I would include as many characters as possible so people can pick and chose as the feel fit :D
There is not a 'guage' so to speak for these blocks, they can be knit (or crocketed for that matter) in and gauge yarn so long as you have
5 stitches across = 7 rows up

All the blocks are 80 stitches across by 111 rows, these figures include a single stitch/row all the way around as a selvedge stitch, shown in black.
The blocks require 5 colours

  • Background colour of your choice
  • White
  • Light grey
  • Medium grey
  • Black
Quantities will vary depending on your yar weight and if you are knitting or chocheting

This pattern is listed on Ravelry HERE

I will most likely continue to add to these blocks.. so If you think of a charactor that I have missed, I would love you to tell me, I might add them in...

to be continued...