Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shrug for Alyra

This shrug was made from the confection Baby shrug pattern, using Cleckheaton Country 8ply and hand dyed by myself.

It knitted up using less then 100gms of wool and in an evening... very happy..

It is destined to become part of a waredrobe for a friends bub due in sept.
Its knitted in the 6month size, but with longer sleeves then the pattern says

Me thinks this needs to go to its new home asap, as I think it is causing me to sprout Feathers *cluck cluck*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Hangin' Out

Just us ... at home.. with the Camera... I know I am Bias but I think he is the most beautiful boy around.. just dont let him hear me say it..!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

FO: Thujas For mum

These are the socks I knitted for my mum

I have knitted this pattern twice already for myself...

I hope shes liking them

Friday, July 11, 2008

... And in other news tonight..

... 9 balls of delicious Noro Kureyon Wool was discovered on the doorstep of a textile addicts residence today, it is expected that the Wool will not leave the house again in its original form... But from reports from those who are familiar with the household, it issaid the wool will be a transformed in to some form of afgan known as a Lizard ridge,

ok ok so i am no journalist!!

anyhow my 3 lonely LR blocks that have been sitting here waiting for friend will get just that.

I originally bought jjust 3 balls of noro to see if i like it and the pattern.. well i do!!!

i have since begun knitting a LR blanket from Cleckheaton vintage hues between the block i knit from Noro.
I will ( as ahrd as this will be) pop these balls aside and keep them to take with me to knit while on holidays in Brisbane for 2 weeks :D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

WIP: OBW quilt

Well I have my One Block one isnpired quilt underway..

Well underway...

I started with this fabric..

Its not ideally what I was after, but... it was $14.95 a metre, on a throw out table at spotlight for $5.99 and i went there on their quilters market night, so got it at 1/2 that price. $2.99pm, then when i got to the counter and said i would take the full roll (there looked to only be 5-8mtrs left on it) the lady said there was an additional 35% off any quilt fabric when you empty the roll.. so that was just under $2 p/m, so i took the 7mts for $14, not bad when the original price was more than that a metre.

So thats why that fabric will do thank you... lol

So I cut it at the pattern repeat (basically just at the exact same place in the pattern) to get six idenctical panels.

I stacked them on top of each other lining the pattern up prefectly, I acheived it by using a pin through the same spot on all layers to line it up, then fastening it with another pin... I did this all over, it took maybe 20 mins but was worth it.. get this bit wrong and the rest of the quilt just wont work

from there i took my perfectly stacked panel, cut a strip from it, i think i did around 13cms, then cut the strip into equalltateral triangles, i did this to the whole lot.

I got 55 sets of triangles

from here just sew the triangles into hexagons, every block turns out different

actually i have only sewn the hexagons into halves. this way i can peice them into strips and then together, eliminating y seams.
I have finished all 55 block and just need to iron the last 10 or 15 and i will get to start laying them out properly.. will share that when its done,
I have enough of the fabric left over(3-4mtrs) to use to border it, I just have to get a nice contrast colour (thinking a nice rich coral red) to use for backing, binding and a frame..

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lizard ridge, one strip down

yay one strip done on my lizard ridge!! 4 to go

I am having a little break to get rid of a few small projects that have been haunting me before i caston the next one... but here it is .. finished

I feel like running the threads in and wearing it as a scarf... I keep walking about the house with it around my neck, patting it... yes I have never claimed to be normal

FO: Shoyoen.


I forgot that I said I would come in here and update..

So I sort of finished Shoyoen (and finished other projects, will blog about those later...)

So heres is shoyoen, Quilted and edges overlocked.
It needs its threads cut and binding, but that can be done later... its usable atm and thas good enough for now.. so its finished -ish..