Monday, April 14, 2008

PART FOUR: Waist band

OK now for the waist band, pretty simple..


knit 8 rows
purl 1 row
knit 8 rows

Bind off loosly and whip stitch the band closed, leaving a 1 inch section open for insterting elastic of your choosing.

Alternativily, and my prefered method. when completing the last row, stop 4 stitches prior to the end of the row, cast off 8 stitches, kitchener stitch the lives stitches of the waist band to the inside of the body, This gives a much stetchier finish.


for sizes medium and Extra large only
k2tog,k[39-59], k2tog, k to end

change down needle size to 4.0mm or appropriate size

for all sizes.
row 1: *k2,p2* repeat to end

repeat row 1, 4 times

row 9: *k2, yfwd, k2tog* repeat to end

Repeat row 1, 5 more times.

bind off in your prefered stretchy method, double yarn or sewn bind off work well

using your prefered method, create a cord [60-70-80-90] cm long and weave through the waist band


kathok said...

You should probably add in that we need to change needles before beginning the rib waistband.

Is the Eyelet row suppose to have the holes in the purl grooves or where the knit ridges are? Atm it is decreasing also - k2tog, yfwd p2 only creates 3 sts.
I usually use *k2, yo, k2tog* for my 2x2 waistbands. This makes the hole in the groove and the i-cord sits under the knit ridges.
Is this what you meant?

kathok said...

Candice I have finished but my waistband is not very attractive or stretchy. I tried BO in knit (too tight) I then tried BO in rib, a bit more stretchy but no very nice to look at. Any suggestions?

Candice said...

do you mean the whole waist band or just the bind off? I have always found the double strangd cast off to look really nice,

kathok said...

Yeah, just the bind off. I'll take a piccie and put it on woolaholics later tonight. Do you use the smaller needle to bind off or the larger one and do you do it in knit, purl or rib?

Lucky-1 said...

Hi all I have been so busy this week with Hubby and his medical visits...

Slows down now (thank fully).

I have to still do this part Candice... will attack it over the weekend.

madmumof3 said...

next bit please :D itching to see what happens next.

Lucky-1 said...

Still sick here with the headache virus:(

I will try tomorrow, sorry if its holding anyone up.

Lucky-1 said...

Finished the waist....

Found Bo with 2 threads of wool okay, but a bit tight...... I BO in the ribbed pattern.

Photo up on my blog....also I'll post a pic over on Woolaholic.

Candice said...

Ok i have made all the alterations, can you have a look and lmk what you think now