Tuesday, June 24, 2008

so many projects.. so little time

Well I have 2 projects I wan itching to take on.

First is a One Block Wonder quilt and the second is I want to knit me a cardi from some lovely Montana targhee I have here.....

but first I need to get 3 of my four WIPS out of the way..
hope to get the majority of it out of the road today

WIP1 - My Shoyoen Quilt - this is the one I am most wanting finsihed.. it needs to be done by thursday... so my aim for today is this... Finish quilting it.. really there is only about 1-2 hours of quilting left (but then there will be almost the same again in thread hidding and snipping after the horrible quilting experience), then overlock the edges and get it into the wash, then thats it. i will take it around to nannas tomorrow and use her binding machine to complete

WIP2 - Thuja KAL socks - i am about half way along the leg in my second sock.. want to atlest get into a good portion of the foot today/tonight, finishing it no later then tomorrow..

WIP3 - rainbow anklet socks -(I havent blogged about these yet but will when they are done)I have finished one but then put it aside to do thuja. I am not too stressed about fnishing this but would like to, I wont cast on a cardi till i do, but it shouldnt delay my quilting ... right??

WIP4 - Lizard Ridge - this is my 'doesnt count' wip cos its a rather long term one.

so i will update as i go on how i am going ... send me productivity vibes..

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