Sunday, November 9, 2008

so following my previous post...

.. I began the dress last night

winged it and it turned out ok so far..

the bust is together but just pinned to the skirt and without lining. I think i will bone it as it is a little droopy in the bust, boning should fixed that.

I may need to wear a sucker inner-er for the bulge factor.. lol

Also not sure if I want the skirt to be pleated or gathered.

ok so here it is
full length
close up with ribbon
close up without
and full length shots with and without... I am leaning toward having it.. think it finishes it nicely


Lucky-1 said...

Oh wow how clever ...very pretty.

Anonymous said...

wow looks great candice.. i like it with the ribbon on top

tikki said...

it's gorgeous, candice! i love it with the ribbon, finishes it oiff beautifully

Anonymous said...

I like it with the ribbon too, hope the wedding went well