Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fancy dress.

This Saturday just gone we had a fancy dress party to attend. Brynach asked to go as the joker, which, at first, seemed way too much work and tried to talk him out of it, but alas, he was determined... The Joker it had to be!

So with some thought, I set to work. I had some green fabric and whipped out a litte (rough!) tie. I had some purple fabric, so a little pair of elastic waisted pants, pressed down the centre to give the look suit pants and a simple collared shirt, made with long sleeves but no cuff and lengthened at the back and cut to shape to make a set of tails, split and all....

Add to that a white shirt from the cupboard, some green hair spray and face paint, oh and a $5 silly string gun and Taa daa!

I think he really looked the part and somehow took on the evil persona quite well after some part food consumption..


Mama Mel said...

oh my he looks RAD!!!!!!!!

Kebeni said...

i am envious, that is such an awesome outfit!