Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cast on Marathon

 What does one do the  week after finishing Uni (FOREVER) cast on of course.

I managed to find some really nice Noro equivalent  (well close enough to it) and decided to make another Lizzy. I just love this pattern, it is just lovely to knit, and a smidge bit addictive, that and my original Lizzy (here) seems to have been taken over by the rest of the family :P almost 1 strip down, and I should be able to make 6... should....

 Also cast on a cardi for me. Sorry for the dodgy photo, photos taken by monitor light only do tend have a bit of noise :P this is being knitted from some yarn I scored really cheap at my local spotlight, no idea what it is, but it seems to be nice enough.....

I am knitting top down, raglan style, with really big sleeves and a nice big wrap around cardi. There isn't a lot to share at the moment. I have knitted down to the arms, knitted one arm and half way though the second.

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