Friday, July 11, 2008

... And in other news tonight..

... 9 balls of delicious Noro Kureyon Wool was discovered on the doorstep of a textile addicts residence today, it is expected that the Wool will not leave the house again in its original form... But from reports from those who are familiar with the household, it issaid the wool will be a transformed in to some form of afgan known as a Lizard ridge,

ok ok so i am no journalist!!

anyhow my 3 lonely LR blocks that have been sitting here waiting for friend will get just that.

I originally bought jjust 3 balls of noro to see if i like it and the pattern.. well i do!!!

i have since begun knitting a LR blanket from Cleckheaton vintage hues between the block i knit from Noro.
I will ( as ahrd as this will be) pop these balls aside and keep them to take with me to knit while on holidays in Brisbane for 2 weeks :D

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