Thursday, July 10, 2008

WIP: OBW quilt

Well I have my One Block one isnpired quilt underway..

Well underway...

I started with this fabric..

Its not ideally what I was after, but... it was $14.95 a metre, on a throw out table at spotlight for $5.99 and i went there on their quilters market night, so got it at 1/2 that price. $2.99pm, then when i got to the counter and said i would take the full roll (there looked to only be 5-8mtrs left on it) the lady said there was an additional 35% off any quilt fabric when you empty the roll.. so that was just under $2 p/m, so i took the 7mts for $14, not bad when the original price was more than that a metre.

So thats why that fabric will do thank you... lol

So I cut it at the pattern repeat (basically just at the exact same place in the pattern) to get six idenctical panels.

I stacked them on top of each other lining the pattern up prefectly, I acheived it by using a pin through the same spot on all layers to line it up, then fastening it with another pin... I did this all over, it took maybe 20 mins but was worth it.. get this bit wrong and the rest of the quilt just wont work

from there i took my perfectly stacked panel, cut a strip from it, i think i did around 13cms, then cut the strip into equalltateral triangles, i did this to the whole lot.

I got 55 sets of triangles

from here just sew the triangles into hexagons, every block turns out different

actually i have only sewn the hexagons into halves. this way i can peice them into strips and then together, eliminating y seams.
I have finished all 55 block and just need to iron the last 10 or 15 and i will get to start laying them out properly.. will share that when its done,
I have enough of the fabric left over(3-4mtrs) to use to border it, I just have to get a nice contrast colour (thinking a nice rich coral red) to use for backing, binding and a frame..

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