Thursday, August 6, 2009

the sorting of the stash....

Just so happens to be more then just an afternoons sorting, This has been a 2week ongoing project, and I am about half way there... this is what I ahve sorted so far...

This is the poor little shelves holding my nb/small stash... so shelf by shelf I have...

first 2 rows, front and back. All lotus AIOs, some normal PUL some minkee and some poly print AIOs
Third row back is home made fitteds
Third row front, is XS bubblebubs
fourth row back, is snappiable fitteds
fourth row front, is lotus fitteds
Fifth row back, is all swaddlebees fitteds
fifth row front, is mostly Kissaluvs with some cuddlebuns on the bottom
There are about 15 -20 more fitteds to be sorted through and about another 20-30 aios to be done aswell

Ok this middle shelf is a mix
Left is mixed small prefolds, and some fitteds
middle is small covers
Right is nb covers
I am sure I have another Doz or so dyed flats to dig out and some more small PUL and wool covers too...
on the very bottom of the right is a few woolies that went astray, I havent actually gotten to the small woolies box yet.

First row, front and back is Bubblebubs
second row back and front, is just assorted AIOS, mostly minkee
the rest, assorted fitteds
I still have a good 30 odd nappies missing here from memory lol

This is all I have come aross so far for the mediums... All my nappies are still in several removal cartons, being there is only a handful of smalls and NBs left to account for, the rest are mediums. So I could barely hazzrd a guess how many are in there, DOZENS of lotus aios I know lol, a few Fuzzibuns, some ittis.... oh god it will be like Xmas time again... as for larges.... there are none, Bryn never got into larges


Mama Mel said...

Holy bajoley girl!!! That is one heck of a stash and you dont have your Beetlebums yet!!!!

Anonymous said...


Lady Bug Cat said...

Wow, I thought I was addicted to cloth! So good to see others loving their cloth nappies as much as me :) I have been banned from buying any more nappies, boo.