Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am inspired

SO... I was lucky enough to score a lovely package of fabric from Lyn over at Blue Bird Quilts. When Lyn contacted me I told her that I had plans to use the fabric to applique something pretty onto a border of an existing quilt (I haven't share it with you as yet). When I got the fabric yesterday I realised that was just not going to happen, for 2 reasons. Firstly WOW at how much Lyn sent me! (Lyn that was uber generous, and much more than I expected!) way too much for some border accents. Secondly, they are just too nice, these girls deserve a show of their own.
Ever noticed that things seem to trend on the blogs? well I follow more blogs than I want to admit too (you are all so interesting) and on the quilting blogs at the moment there is soo many people flashing their divine English paper pieced hexagons. One of those is on my long term to do list. I have also noticed some clamshell quilts popping up like here and here (there are others that I will link to when I find them). THAT is what these fabrics need to become, I have some yummy vintage cream to go with it even! BUT just like the Hexagons, my life just isn't that accommodating to the time needed for hand stitching.

So I am going to do som experimenting with this pattern and machine piecing, I will keep you updated, will be interesting to see if I can do it justice. Also if anyone knows of a free clamshell template, please feel free to tell me :D I tihkn I will buy a proper one for the real thing, but for my research, just a printable freebie will do.

Last note, just want to send a massive public thank you to Lyn for her give away, I love the spirit that I am beginning to discover exists in the quilt blog circle. I am feeling compelled to pay it forward and do a give away myself, so keep an eye out, might have to throw some homespun into the dye pot very soon ;)


Karen said...

Beautiful fabric!!!

Hexagons and clamshells, two of my favourite things! Have you heard of One Flower Wednesday and The Clamshell Club?

Candice said...

no..... do share :D