Tuesday, July 19, 2011

its 50/50 so I am joining the world of quilting (more).

I have been quilting now for what what will be half my life this year, yep from here on in, in my life I have been a quilter more that I have not... I quite like that. Seems appropriate that I should do something I have not done before, so I am joining a my local guild, and participating in a quilt-a-long.

The Guild part I havent done yet, so I will talk about that when 1 have.

The quilt-a-long, I have. have a look over here at Crazy Mum Quilts this is where Amanda Jean is hosting this great quilt-a-long.

This is going to be a great project for me for several reasons; it works so well with the fabric I received from Lyn at Blue Bird quilts which I have been BUSTING to use, and it is a nice simple block and I tend to get a little to caught up in making complex things at times.

It is a 36 patch and I will be making it with a combination of a cream and other fabrics, some from the fabrics I received from Lyn, some from my stash, some from my nanna's stash (oops) and then I might have to shop for the rest (OOPS).

So I got started today, I hope to make 6-10 blocks per week, probably closer to the 6 :P and I hope to make this big enough for our Queen bed, because despite being a quilter for half my life!! I tend to make quilts for everyone but me, and my bed has never worn a quilt WOW.

So this is my start, I sew mine the full 6 fabric across. I have used three fabrics other than the cream here and will be making 2 from each colour. I hope to cross cut these strips and sew the block tomorrow... maybe :D

Quality control around these parts are very stringent, but I passed, just.....

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