Thursday, February 14, 2008

Socks and Jacket; progress report

well at the moment I am stoked. My knitting mojo is in full swing and i am taking every advantage of it..

firstly the socks;

after auditioning about 5-6 different stitches for them, i finally decided on a simple afgan type stitch, which i really think shows off the colourway well. I am not sure at this stage if i should do 20 or 25 repeats of the pattern, (what you see is 18) and will finish it off with a few rows of garter stitch.. Now the VERY sad news about these socks.. they dont fit me!

I have a tiny size 6 1/2 - 7 foot, and while they dont hang, they dont have that nice snug fit either yk.. l will list them on Buy For Baby to austion off when they are done... so this still only leaves me with one pair for myself still. but thats ok i am hoping that i can find an extra spesh pattern to do for myself soon :)

The Jacket;

I am really suprised at how quickly this is knitting up. It is this pattern here, at the bottom, in the brown

I am planning on putting sleeves on this one though, wool quantity permitting, I am a little concerned though that the ribon mine is pulling in alot more than it seems to in the example one, i have even done my rib on the same size needles as the body of the knitting but it still is alot tighter than theirs, and i am a loose knitter.. oh well i will just see how it goes,

I am loveing the colourway more and more everytime i look at it, and cant wait to get the zip sewn in and start the sleeves. maybe having sleeves will help pull the rib ou a bit... oh well all trial and error

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