Sunday, February 3, 2008

a fresh start

So here I am making a fresh start, new blog! It really is an echo of my attempt to freshen my life quite alot, I am in a real "organise my life" mode atm. mostly i am astarting with a huge clean and organise of my house.. I did start easy, all i have done so far is my laundry, but boy it felt good. I am hoping to get my rumpus room sorted next, but it is going to require a little more work.. and I need to go shopping for some big plastic tubs for the cupboards first.

Also i have finally decided to sell my much to small car, and get something little bigger.

So all in all i am feeling very motivated within my life atm..

I still have some fine tunning with this blog too,, but all in good time..

I best get some pics happening of projects on the go atm.

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