Thursday, February 28, 2008

In the Wooly Gods I Trust

Why?? Becuase of this parcel!! From the lovely Katanya.

We are pretty spoilt as woolies in Australia, so it really does take a fair bit to make us wet ourselves in excitement, but i tell you what,, a parcel like this will do it every time. Katanyas Dying is second to none..

What can I say, I am in heaven, Only a knitter would understand....

so what have I got there..

Top ball - 100gms DK BFL in "Gaudi"

Second ball down - 100gm 4Bf sock wool in "bohemian magic"

middle Row - 2 X 100gm 8ply 4BF in "poison Grape"

first and first and second balls of last 2 rows - 3 X 113gms Targhee in "chocolate pacific"

last 2 in the second bottom row - 2 X 113gm Targhee in "pacific Ocean"

finally, last 2 in bottom row - 2 X 100gm 8ply 4BF in "bohemian magic"

Hows that for a hawl :D

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