Friday, October 10, 2008

Experimentations with chanelle

Is that how you spell it?? probably not.

Anyhow I came across this Technique and really liked it... so thought i would give it a go

I did a little sample today that sewed up in under 15mins and I love it

I used lots of colours to get a feel for how the different colours work together.

I am inlove iwth it now its done

Its sitting over the back of my dining chair and I pat it every time I walk past.. so being that it gets the tick of "irresistable patability" then I must make a full sized one.

It is alot lighter then i thought it would be when i was sewing 5 layers of cotton and one of wool together.. even Hubby spent 10 minutes with it on his lap patting it... so that says alot lol
so one chanel quilt quilt to add to the to do list
This trial is the perfect dolly quilt size.. anyone have a little girl with a cold dolly?


Katanya said...

wow thats amazing Candice, is that layers of fabric all cut in the diagonal?

Candice said...

exactly. it is 3 layers of fabric (in this case, stagered) layered over a black base, stitched down in many rows, about 1cm apart, then the 3 layers of fabric are all cut beween each row, diagonally, then washed and put through the drier to fluff up... taa daa, rather quick really

Shannon said...

Isn't that just fantastic?? It looks just so great. Well done hun.