Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soaker September..

So a bit delayed here, but september was a bit of a soaker marathon for me.....


Tracy said...

They look great! So which pattern? yours? and did you hand paint them? Well done!

Candice said...

the first 2 are my small pattern and the last is my medium.

The medium is just a scrappy one whichI think is ugly as. also it doesnt have the elastic in it yet.the wool is all knittery

the Yellow is just a semi solid I died up ages ago, I think it was a cleckheaton brad or the like, crepe and I knitted the soaker from 50gms

the last one is made from an experimental gradient i did ages ago, useing the 'flat feet' idea (I have a bulky knitting machine) and dye up strips to get a cool gradient. I plan to experiment further over the next few weeks and will post about it then :D