Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Creative Space..

I have been meaning to do this for a while... so here goes a tour of my creative space... Note, Its not pretty, or spacious, but i love it all the same. It looks cramped and as though there is way too much stuff in there.... thats correct :D

If you take a quick little walk along the garden path, past the herb garden, this side of the the fish pond, you come across a little door at the back of the shed..... look inside..

and you have my sewing room. so working my way aound clcokwise...
The heating and cooling lol, obviously and not very exciting,
the 3 tubs are all my wool..
and my "for me" sewing area.

I keep a seperate area for sewing for myself and for money. I find that important.
The shelves are stacked with my quilt books, embroidery cottons and projects on the go or in waiting
I keep my domestic Overlocker, sewing machine and embroidery machine here.
the Drawers stock all my notions
the tub you see there is my quilts on the go.. (4 of them eeek.. me bad) and the blankets for them next to it..

My storage cupboard, this is actually the old pantry that we took out when we renovated the kitchen

Inside is (line per shelf)
Stationary and machines, inc my knitting machine
fabric, cottons, some small random craft items
nappy fabrics and my airbrush setup
Quilt fabric
Other random fabrics and patterns
Acrylic nail stuff and old text books

This is my 'for money' sewing area. what you see is my Rimoldi overlocker and sadly atm I am forced to use my domestic sewing machine on this same table till I collect my industrial sewer

This is my snapping table and cutting area,
underneithis my scrapbooking stuff...
the black cabnet hold snaps and other stuff
the crap you see in the corner is, well, crap, DHs that I am waiting on him clean it all out, thats where my sewing machine needs to go :D

so thats it... my humble little sewing room, studio, whatever you wanna call it...


angelskies said...

wow really organised!! Total envy about the space!!

Mama Mel said...

WOWWWWEEEE Candice!! Looks amazing!!! Well done, it feels so good to get the space up and happening again - big effort lovely chicka!!


Dawnmc71 (rav) said...

Ohh Candice you lucky thing!
I have a kitchen cupboard next to the sofa that everything has to fit in!!! I knit on the settee, sew on a coffee table, and any laying out has to be done on the floor!!